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D. User Warning Policy


The database is maintained by the members of the site, whom are not officially verified as to their medical background nor whether they have any medical experience. Most members either have children with allergies or have allergies themselves. You should always see your doctor to verify food diets and to avoid of allergenic foods. The goal of the site is to help you obtain food ingredient and allergy information easily and fast. You agree to be responsible to always read food labels! Also, not all manufactures list all ingredients on the labels. You agree to be alone responsible for verifying with manufacturers and distributors the accuracy of food labels and the FoodB database information. Use this list with caution due to the fact that manufacturers change their ingredients and production methods without warning.

Also a member of the site can make a mistake when updating the status of a food product. As a member you agree not to hold other members liable for mistakes they may make. For example, members may use an older personal allergy free list to enter database items, as long as they are still using these lists to avoid the allergies.

We want no one hurt from this database, so users agree to take these warnings seriously. In addition, this website can't guarantee that the list of foods identified as free from glutens, sugars, corn, nuts, soy, yeast, milk (casein), egg, fish, and preservatives.

User acknowledges that Foodb is a facilitator for members to use knowledge of other members to enter food ingredients and their allergens. Foodb is complex database, but easy for members to use.. Members (users) enter the foods and their ingredients, while Foodb does not. Foodb maintains the site location, site format, user information, user food database information, and terminates users identified as breaking the user agreement.

There is no guarantee (nor unwritten guarantee) to how long it might take Foodb to find a member that is capricious in his or her entries. [The database tracks the last user that changed each food item. So if we sporatically find or are notified through email of unusual changes to food ingredients in the database without reason, we can find out who the member is and permanently terminate that user's membership. We can also find and fix other food items changed by that member.] In the future we plan to rank users according to length of membership, etc. but do not currently do this! So you can join and start adding items immediately.

If a member believes that the manufacturing process and or ingredients have changed from what is on the food label, the user is encouraged to verify the change with the manufacturer and then make it to the database.

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