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B. User Restriction Policy


Requirements for Membership - The following individuals can not sign on as members, since they may pose risks for the site, themselves, or other members.

* Individuals not of legal age or competent.
* Individuals with a serious allergy that may not have the mental ability to understand the warnings on this site.
* Individuals (or their spouse) who have ever sued as a plaintiff in court listing health or medical damages, whether they won, lost, or settled.
* Individuals who have been convicted of a felony within the last 10 years.
* Individuals who have ever been arrested for fraud.
* Individuals dismissed from work for fraudulent activity, but the employer did not press charges.

I attest to not fall into one or more of the categories above, when I click the agreement to become a member. Individuals who sign up knowing they do not qualify, waive any rights associated with qualified membership and agree they should not have been using the site. Foodb acts as a facilitator for members to enter allergy free foods and disclaims any responsibility for member errors.

Termination of Membership without Explanation

User members may be terminated from the site without explanation. This is so Foodb does not have to prove purposeful or willful damages caused by a user. Users that lose their access to the site may email a written appeal with Foodb to reconsider their decision. Foodb will do what it deems is needed maintain the integrity of the food database.

Foodb reserves the right to terminate or limit account access privileges of users who it deems have misused their privileges.Users agree to be liable for willful, apparent, or negligent damages they make to the database or site. Since it is hard to log all errors, damages may include finding and fixing the errors in the database.

Commercial Entities Use of Site

Users agree not to download excessive amounts of digitized data, such that he or she could be creating a specialized database or food list for others not within their close family.

Agents for other food or related food organizations that want to be members. This does not apply to the average site member:

Businesses and websites may freely link to our site. Persons linking to our food lists are responsible for warning users about potential member errors.

Please use our email link to contact us.

If a business wishes enter and update ingredient information for their products on our site it is permitted. However, we do not currently endorse any specific food product. Some advantages to business who use this Foodb to maintain allergy free information are:

a) other members with allergies may update your items for production contamination they have personally experienced,

b) it may save the company from producing their own food allergy database,

c) it may reduce the personnel costs in a company that deals directly with allergy concerned individuals,

d) it may increase customer knowledge on your products which are free from harmful preservatives, gluten free, milk free, nut free, fish free, and/or egg free,

e) it may help you avoid litigation since the data base is updated as soon as the change is made and accessible to member immediately,

f) it may save you money and time resending out updated information to customers.

However, no damages may be assessed Foodb for any business disruptions or database failures or members changing their data. The small member fee is for individuals and businesses. If a business wanted to make us their official data base for public food allergy information, then they should attach appropriate warnings to users of the data, mainly explaining how food information is obtained from members and may contain errors.

The penalties of misuse by agents for other companies could be greater than the normal member, since they are considered more expert on how foods are made than the normal user of the site. If the user works for or is an agent of a food company and makes erroneous changes that would benefit that food companies' image to the other users of this site or any persons obtaining information from users of this site, then he or she agrees to pay for any damages to Foodb or other users resulting from said errors. (An example of this is where an agent willfully deletes a preservative that is harmful to members to make his or her product look safer. We keep logs of the member changes to our database.)

Commercial or Excessive Down Load Prohibitions

Users that partner with us by linking their members to our food allergy lists may carry out normal commercial businesses. However, users agree to not extract food allergy lists from this site's information to to be sold or use commercially. Using Foodb's food allergy database or lists to compete with Foodb is strictly prohibited. This is copyrighted information. If individuals do this kind of activity, even with an undisclosed agent, they agree to reimburse Foodb any costs in finding out what happened, court costs, costs to regain potential market share, including transferring ownership of the new competing company, and any other Foodb losses associated with the theft of the database.

It is acceptable to produce lists of foods produced by your own company. Commercial users agree to add or edit food database items only when they apply to their product or when they have appropriate documentation for changing other vendor's food product information.

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