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E. Member Use and Fees


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Pertaining to All Members

Adding to or Updating Data Base - Foodb reserves the right to look at the food items added and food items edited to validate actual improvements to our database. You can enter the food updates for membership months in advance. If the entries do not improve the database, then your membership may end. Any member or nonmember willfully entering erroneous data is responsible for those changes.

Initial Sign up - Since members can change our food database in seconds, it is important for us to verify some member information. We simply ask for you to sign up with PayPal.com or use your credit card and those companies will independently verify that you have a legitimate bank account. This improves the quality of our members.

Membership Period and Billing for Paying Members - Membership is renewed each month automatically for up to five years or until cancelled. Foodb bills members through PayPal or their credit card each month or quarter, depending on the plan the member signs up for. Members may terminate membership at any time. Members are not refunded any of their funds paid through PayPal or their credit card to Foodb once the subscription period starts. (The only exception to this is when a member adds 20 new food items. The adding of food and request for refund must be done within 48 hours of the charge.) This membership condition exists because of how the small membership charge is and the high personnel costs in making refunds. Therefore, we do not refund any membership fees after each subscription period starts..

Termination of Membership - Members wishing to terminate membership must follow procedures listed in the registration link under the "End membership" link.(If you go through PayPal you must unsubscribe with PayPal to terminate membership billings and charges.) If you terminate your membership you must still pay for the month you were billed for.

User agreement Changes - Foodb reserves the right to change wording in the user agreement that applies from the end of each month changed and to future periods (not retroactive). Users must determine whether to remain a member under the new provisions or terminate membership.

Daily and monthly calorie tracking (foods, exercises, daily burn rates) is provided as courtesy and not considered part of the membership package, however we do plan to continue to use it because of it's significant benefits. This is a food allergy site.

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