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By finding out "What You Can Eat"

One way to remember this website's name is Database = DB.
This is a Food DB. Now shorten it to FooDB.

Membership Benefits

* Search in a database created by members for foods (i.e.chicken cordon bleu, cheese, coffee) that are free from any combination of 32 allergens listed below:

Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free, Corn-Free, Oat-Free, Soy-Free,Peanut-Free, Tree-Nut Free, Tomato-Free, Pea-Free, Organic-Grown,
Yeast-Free, Egg-Free, Milk-Free, Chocolate-Free,
Strawberry-Free, Melon-Free, Orange-Free, Cherry-Free, Banana-Free,
Meat-Free, Fish-Free, ShellFish-Free, Pork-Free,
Fat-Free, Cholesterol-Free, Sugar-Free
Preservative-Free, MSG-Free, Sulphi-Free, Benz-Para-Free, Carm-Nitr-Ethyl-Free and Color-Free.

* Search in member's database for allergy free and preservative free foods.

* Food allergy symptom test.

* Personalize your food allergy searches.

* Enter what you eat daily and an automatic shopping lists is prepared for you available on you smart phone at the store.

* Add any of your favorite foods to the member database that are not there. They will be there for you and others in the future.

* Update information quickly on foods in the database and see others' updates.

* Avoid allergic foods and ingredients.

* Your daily calories, fat, cholesterol, sugar, exercise, and other nutrition is kept on the system. You can see your daily calorie burn rate.