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Spend less time on food allergies

November 27, 2013


Spend less time on food allergies

Everyone is only allocated so many hours in their healthy lifetime. There is no magic that can maintain the body forever. However, there are ways to increase your healthy lifestyle, which in turn gives you a healthy and longer life. But how much time do you want to spend improving your healthy lifestyle? With all of the technology we have today, why not use it?. Phone apps now track the food you eat. By typing in a few letters you can enter what you eat. Then automatically a program based on massive information in a database can tell you what allergens you ate, calories you ate, vitamins you ate, keep a food diary, calculate weight loss, build a grocery list for you, show preservatives you ate and calculate your daily intake of nutrients. All of this is done automatically. So why waste time maintaining manual lists and trying to figure out if you are eating the right things? Let technology do it. There are also some good suggestions at called, " How to Cope with Food Allergies When You're Short on Time "

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