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Eleven (11) major benefits from food allergy websites

December 27, 2013

Great food allergy Web sites will have 11 major benefits.

It is likely the biggest benefits will be for those individuals with multiple food allergies. The more specific someone is about a subject, the harder it is to find information on that topic. Just like the more allergies someone has, the harder it is to find the few people that have their same food allergies. An automatic database can track all of this information easily and help connect groups with the same food allergies.

Here are 11 major benefits you should expect today from food allergy websites in our high tech world:

· Empowers users with the ability to customize the food lists

· Makes it easy to find foods you can eat

· Records the foods you ate

· Shows the nutrients of foods you ate

· Keeps a diary of sicknesses and accompanying foods you ate

· Uses Mobile devices to access the food allergy information on the database

· Uses Mobile grocery lists that are automatically generated from what you ate

· Enables members to identify when a food no longer is safe to eat, which immediately notifies others.

· Offers access to a growing food, allergen, preservative, and ingredient database

· Tracks diet and weight

· And finally offers other automatic functions that make your life easier

In future blogs we will talk specifically about of these benefits.